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If you want to experience life-changing information that you can use right now without sitting through hours of boring motivational speeches, contact Steve Jordan to speak at your next event, conference or webinar. Steve's knowledge, experience, and proven results help have help individuals, groups, and companies reach their peak performance. His talks have transformed everyone from celebrities and professional athletes to billionaires. Whether you're looking to manage your stress, age gracefully, or enhance the productivity and well-being of your staff, Steve has the perfect program for you.

Here's how Steve sees it:

"Public speaking gives me the opportunity to influence and connect with more people globally. It always makes me feel incredible to see the personal transformation of individuals in the audience because of my willingness to be authentic and relatable. I love that I can be a spark in someone's life." Steve Jordan 

Audiences everywhere have raved about Steve's talks, ranging from leaders across many different industries at the most influential companies in the world to fitness and wellness professionals, and public company executive teams. They have all welcomed him and benefited from his presentations. Steve is a former instructor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine with hundreds of hours of speaking experience in front of audiences large and small. He learned the art of public speaking from the best in that industry, and you can tell by just watching some of his talks.

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Program Topics

Be Better

Steve shares his personal recovery story of thriving in life, love and finances after break-downs that could have taken his life and left him broke. He shares the tools and systems her has discovered to upgrade your mind and body to live with grace and ease. Being better at everything is about reaching and maintaining a higher standard of living to maximize physical health, mental health, fitness and wellness. The key points that Steve covers in his presentations are:

  • How to balance business, family, and personal passions.
  • How to balance your mind and body to handle the stress of life.
  • Why eating a well-balanced diet will improve your health, brain function, career and body.
  • Why consistency is more important than what you do.
  • How to stay focused and committed to your health and wellness while traveling for business or pleasure.
  • How to begin to change disempowering habits and thoughts into empowering habits and thoughts for transformation.
  • How to manage stress that can ruin your life and cause disease.
  • How to use meditation and breathing exercises to accelerate your health and wellness.
  • Why it's never too late to start.

    Posture Perfect™

    Restore health & well-being with better posture. Learning to create balance in your lifestyle is the key to experiencing health and peace. It is crystal clear that our standard of living has dramatically changed over the course of the past several decades, with the internet as the primary culprit of living sedentary lives. Conventional approaches are not working to stem the tide of back pain and other musculo-skeletal pain associated from poor posture.

    According to the American Chiropractic Association:

  • 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.
  • One half of working Americans report having back pain symptoms each year.
  • Back-pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010.

Although this is certainly a vivid description of the outcome of poor posture and simply not moving enough, it does not fully describe what is happening. POSTURE PERFECT is a guide and holistic lifestyle program to help us all to reconnect with our bodies' awesome healing power to improve our movement, well-being, and the well-being of our world around us.

Common sense tells us that in order to lengthen muscles, we need to stretch; and to strengthen muscles we need to do exercises. That's easier said than done. Many of us have a basic understanding of stretching and exercising, but somehow we get stuck and don't feel the results we expect. We spend countless hours in the gym or on our elliptical machines hoping the pain will go away, blaming ourselves for how inactive we've become and miss the opportunity to open ourselves to the present moment where we have the power to make real change in our lives.

In this Lunch & Learn:

  • Receive a self-postural assessment.
  • Utilize Steve Jordan's Posture Perfect Program that consists of a stretching & strengthening plan to use immediately in your office, at the gym or in your home.
  • Create more awareness to find alternative ways to navigate through your day to maintain optimal posture for better health and well-being.

Better Breathing… To Lower Stress!

While breathing may be an offbeat lunch & learn topic, about 90% of office workers exhibit improper breathing patterns and the side effects of which can cause some real health problems.

Poor breathing patterns lead to that generalized "meh" feeling that people frequently report, with symptoms including: frequent sighing or yawning for no apparent reason, dizziness, nausea, aching muscles, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, ringing in the ears, rapid heartbeat, and erratic blood pressure among others. When the reversed breathing patterns persist we end up with something called chronic hyperventilation. While it goes largely undiagnosed due to a non-specific set of conditions and no clear treatment path other than relearning to breathe, chronic hyperventilation is nonetheless very serious for those who suffer from it. It leads to a significant increase in stress levels and, over time, simply wears people down, reducing energy levels, productivity and overall health. This lunch & learn centered around breathing for stress management covers:

  • The symptoms of chronic hyperventilation.
  • The mechanics of respiration.
  • Breathing for stress management.
  • A self-assessment to see if the participant suffers from improper breathing patterns.
  • Correcting improper breathing patterns.
  • Tips to incorporate proper breathing patterns into everyday life.

Going Beyond… Exercise & Diet

Diet and exercise are two fundamentally important parts of your overall health. Unfortunately, they are two of the most difficult habits to establish. Fortunately, they are far from the only two variables that we have in the war on obesity and other lifestyle diseases. There are dozens, possibly hundreds of other positive lifestyle changes that we can make to begin the domino effect of better health with higher energy, increased productivity and positive side effects. This lunch & learn centers around why it's about more than just exercise and diet.

  • How to incorporate a holistic lifestyle.
  • What approaches you can take immediately to improve your lifestyle.
  • Alternative solutions other than exercise or diet for the office, gym or home to have optimal health.

Custom Topics upon Request

Steve is a master in relating with his audience. He has a world-class background in health, fitness, and wellness to help you and your organization create the perfect topic that will leave the audience inspired and motivated to transform. Steve Jordan is also available for corporate retreats to help train you and motivate you and your attendees.


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